Is there is required spending threshold to sponsor a child?

We encourage our staff to form wishlists with their families that are valued at approximately $150 for each child and include both items they need and those they want. Many sponsors ask if they can purchase additional items. You are welcome to do so.

Do I have to sponsor an entire family?

You are welcome to sponsor only a single member of a family. There are also many single child families featured on the website.

I am trying to sponsor a child but have received an error message. What should I do?

Please contact us at or (317) 292-5582.

Can I purchase presents for the parents or caretakers of the kids I sponsor?

Absolutely. Most of our families would benefit from gift cards for grocery stores or gas stations. If you would like additional ideas, please email or call (317) 292-5582.

The wishlist references a link for purchasing a specific item but I didn’t see it. Where can I find it?

Once you have completed your sponsorship, you will receive a confirmation email. It contains a link to a digital receipt. That receipt will include an orange globe web link next to any item that has one available. See an example below:

receipt example
I cannot find a specific item a child requested. What should I do?

Please use your best judgment in finding a suitable replacement for that item. Gift cards are also acceptable.

Can I wrap the gifts I purchase?

We kindly ask that you do not wrap your gifts. You are welcome to include wrapping supplies with your donation.

One or more items I purchased have been delayed and won’t arrive before the 16th. What should I do?

Please contact us at or (317) 292-5582.